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The great thing about living in the Dallas/Fort Worth area is having a world-class airport so that DFW residents can easily travel anywhere in the world. There are many amazing places to visit within a short flight from DFW airport or Love Field Airport. This makes weekend adventures easy and accessible.

Mexico has many wonderful resorts and adventures that should be on everyone’s bucket list to visit at least once in their lives.

We recently headed down to Carmen Del Playa to research an enjoyable destination for DFW residents to enjoy either on vacation or for business.

This is the first of a three-part series on our trip to Carmen Del Playa, Mexico. In this first article, we review The Royal Resort in Carmen Del Playa.



The start of our trip to Carmen Del Playa and The Royal Resort began by looking online for a unique and relaxing place to visit Mexico. My wife had traveled to Mexico five or six times; this would be my first visit to Mexico.

My online search through travel websites, airline websites, vacation websites, and hotel websites yielded many pricing options.

Shopping for vacation travel out of the country is a task most people can handle with relative ease, but it can take a lot of time. It is also critical you get all your flight, travel, and hotel reservations perfect, so a travel error or mishap doesn’t spoil your vacation.

I did a lot of shopping online to understand the options and pricing of different hotels and resorts. We decided we would visit the Carmen Del Playa area in Mexico (about 45 minutes South of Cancun). This area was highly recommended by friends, who specifically mentioned The Royal Resort.

I was to the point where I was tired of shopping and wanted to pay a professional to make sure that our trip was planned perfectly. With that in mind, we traveled down to our local AAA office to see what they could offer for travel arrangements.

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Karey Hackney was our travel agent and she set us up with an amazing travel package.

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Our AAA agent, Karey Hackney, set us up for three nights and four days at The Royal Resort. The Royal Resort is a four-star all-inclusive adults-only resort. This was our first time staying at an adults-only resort.

The Royal Resort is a 4 Diamond adults-only resort that includes all of the following amenities:

We departed from the Dallas-Fort Worth airport on American Airlines for the 2 1/2-hour flight to Cancun. From Cancun, our AAA agent had arranged for private transport for the 45-minute drive to The Royal Resort.

Our vehicle for the drive to Carmen Del Playa was a very nice Chevrolet Tahoe.

We were impressed with the cleanliness of the vehicle, and our driver was well-dressed, polite, and professional. We enjoyed seeing the sights and landscape of Mexico on our 45-minute drive.



We arrived at our hotel around 11:00 AM and checked in at the registration desk to let them know we had arrived and the bellhops stored our luggage safely in a secure area until our room became available at 3:00 PM.

A wonderful young lady named Mary Valencia helped us at the registration desk. She made a fantastic impression on us with her professionalism and the gratitude she extended to us for staying at The Royal.

We were treated like royalty by Mary, and we’re grateful for her professionalism and expertise in helping us to understand our resort arrangements. Mary also offered great tips on where to go for the next four hours until our room became available.

This was our first all-inclusive resort experience; I must say, it’s impressive!

The first place we visited was the bar, looking to get our free all-inclusive drinks. When in Mexico, you MUST have sangria, so I did what all good visitors to Mexico should do and ordered a sangria.

Kim and I sat inside the massive covered open-air auditorium, enjoying our drinks. We looked out over the courtyard and viewed an enormous swimming pool and the ocean in the distance.



We wandered around the resort in order to get our bearings and figure out where everything was. Before checking into our room, we visited one of the many restaurants on the property and selected the food of our choice at a wonderful buffet.

The resort is massive but is set up such a way that, if you want to be around other people having fun in the courtyard or massive swimming pool, you can do so. If you want to have more privacy, there are smaller pools and public areas which are quiet and secluded.



By the time we finished lunch, it was time to check into our room. As The Royal is a large resort, we had to walk a bit to get to our room. The bellhops accompanied us to our room (if they see you carrying your bags, they will insist on taking your bags for you)!

We had a junior XXXXX suite that included a hot tub, a king-size bed, and a large bathroom area. Our room was classified as an ocean view, and you could indeed see the ocean; you just had to hang over the railing a little bit to see the water.

When we travel, we spend very little time in our rooms, so having a direct view of the water was not important to us. Our room was immaculate and updated; we were delighted with our room arrangements.

It is fun to stay in a four-star resort, where the level of service is high, and the staff is polished and professional. We did not have one negative experience with staff during our entire visit.

After our bags were dropped off in our rooms, we headed out to see the beach.



It was windy, but the beach has beautiful white sand with plenty of room for the guests to play on the beach, lay on the beach, or use the chairs and covered areas between the beach and the resort.



The Royal has many smaller pools located throughout the resort. There are smaller pools that are more intimate and private. There are pools right outside of many rooms. The most impressive pool of all is the main pool located in the heart of the resort. This pool has an amazing view of the beach and the ocean.



From the beach, we walked back to the resort and then walked a block and a half up the road to where all the main shops are.

We hadn’t even walked a block and a half when a gentleman, who said his name was Raul, approached us and said he was a server at our restaurant for breakfast. He said his family owned a jewelry shop 100 feet off the main shopping road.

He asked if we would come to look at his jewelry, and we agreed. We didn’t know it at the time, but we had just been suckered!

We followed him into the store and simply enjoyed his presentation. Inside the store had lots of different jewelry, and he showed us some rings for my wife that had beautiful stones that changed colors when you went from the inside of the shop to the outside.

The ring prices started at $499. Although we love the stones, I wasn’t sure about the quality of the metal in the ring.

To say the owner went straight into the “hard sell” was an understatement. He was very insistent that we could pay with either cash or credit card. Each time we tried to leave, the price of the rings got lower. By the time we finally walked out of the store, they were offering a ring to us for $199.

The shop owners were nice people, and we just relaxed and had fun with the whole experience, but we did not purchase a ring.

From the jewelry shop, we walked 14 to 16 blocks, seeing the local shops with tourist items.

Strangely, we ran into about 10 other people who said they helped us at our hotel and wanted to sell us something!

We quickly figured out what was happening here!

When you check into the resort, they give you a wristband that gives you access to all the facilities and restaurants. If you are observant, when you walk down the street, you will see the shop owners look down at your wrist to look at your bracelet color to find out what hotel you are staying at.

When they see you have a bracelet on from The Royal, they will say, “Hey, I was your waiter today at The Royal, and I served you guys breakfast today (yesterday etc.). Why don’t you come to our store and do some shopping!”

So, we got suckered the first time at the jewelry store, but we were not suckered again! We weren’t upset; these store owners are all hustling, just trying to sell goods and make a living.

Every time somebody approached us and said they recognize us from the hotel, we just laughed and politely told them we were not interested.

One of the funniest people we met approached us on the road and said, “I don’t work at the Royal, but why don’t you buy some junk at my store?” We had a good laugh, as did he, and we continued on our way.



We then headed back in the opposite direction and walked 18 to 20 blocks and ended up by a park with a massive statue and the ferry terminal to Cozumel. We do wish we had taken the ferry to Cozumel to explore the island, so we will definitely do that on our next visit.

There a lot of tourist shops around Carmen Del Playa!

We stayed in the main tourist areas and did not take any of the back streets. Although this area seemed safe and secure, we did not explore the side streets for safety reasons.



We eventually made our way back to the hotel and had dinner at one of the many restaurants at the resort; our meal was terrific!



We then went to sleep in our very comfortable bed to get ready for our adventures the next day. We woke up the next morning and went down to eat at The Royal’s wonderful breakfast Buffet where we ate breakfast each morning. The food was always well prepared and delicious!



After breakfast, we went directly to the AllTourNative travel office in the hotel to schedule an excursion for the following day. The marvelous employee who helped us with our excursion was Fabi.

We can’t express how wonderful a job Fabi did in helping us to plan our trip. It was one of many fabulous customer service experiences we had while staying at the Royal.

Of the many terrific adventure options available, we decided on a package where we would visit the ancient ruins of Coba and a Mayan village that included zip lining and repelling into an underwater cenote.


There were dance and aerial performances every evening in the massive open-air courtyard. We arrived about an hour early each night so we could get a front-row seat. We enjoyed the entertainment and the enthusiasm and professionalism the performers showed each evening.

Every evening was a different theme for the one-hour dance and entertainment show. We would have never known about this if we had not been told about this when we checked in.

We met another couple at one of the shows who had been there a week and weren’t aware that there were performances every night. We were grateful that, when we checked in, our wonderful hostess Mary told us about the evening performances.

After the show, we walked down to the beach. It was a beautiful night to visit the beach area at the resort.

After leaving the beach, we headed back to our room for a good nights sleep.



I had casually mentioned to Mary when checking in that it was my wife’s 50th birthday during our visit. We were surprised to come back to the room at the end of the day to find a very special surprise.

It’s nice touches like this that make destinations like The Royal memorable and cherished! We highly recommend The Royal as a destination resort if you’re seeking a beautiful place to visit or go on vacation.

Be sure to visit our other reviews of our visit to the ancient ruins of Coba and a Mayan village that included zip lining and rappelling into an underwater cenote during our stay at The Royal.

Our other adventures in Carmen Del Playa are reviewed here:

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As we ate our breakfast at the resort overlooking the ocean, we were treated to one more farewell treat that shows how well this resort treats every small detail.

We had a wonderful time at The Royal in Playa Del Carmen. We hope to visit again soon!



We are Randy and Kim, and we own DFW Best. We are independent insurance agency owners located in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. We enjoy exploring, sharing, and promoting the many great sights, adventures, and businesses available to DFW residents.

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