What Kinds Of Businesses Do We Review?

We help locally owned businesses in the Dallas/Fort Worth area to connect with their ideal customers. The goal of DFW Best is to help grow businesses, restaurants, attractions, and events in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Here are some areas we focus on:


  • High-End Restaurant
  • Budget-Friendly Restaraunt
  • Startup Restaurants


  • Locally owned and operated businesses
  • Startup privately owned businesses
  • We typically avoid franchises or corporate-owned businesses unless they are limited and unique in the DFW area.

Concerts, Events & Shows

  • Concerts, theater, small shows, & entertainment

Outdoor Activities

  • Events
  • Parks
  • Adventures


  • In Texas and out of state travel
  • Easily accessible foreign travel

Unique Sights & Experiences

  • Quirky, fun, or entertaining experiences

There are many adventures to be experienced in the DFW area! If you know of a wonderful business, restaurant, or attraction, please let us know and we will add your recommendation to our list of review opportunities.

If you are a consumer and had a great experience at a business, restaurant, attraction, or event in the DFW area, let us know by submitting your suggestion on our contact page.

How Do I Get DFW Best To Visit & Review My Business?

If you are a business, restaurant, attraction, or event that would like positive exposure on the internet with a positive review of your business, you are welcome to reach out to us and invite us for a visit. Just let us know by submitting your invitation on our contact page.

Can I Pay For A Review Or Visit?

We are NOT a “pay for review” website.

Most of the reviews on DFW Best cost the businesses or business owners/managers nothing at all, as we support local businesses by paying for their products or services with our own money and then write a review. If we write a review, it’s because we had a great experience or great service was provided.

We love supporting our local businesses and business owners.

Can I Invite DFW Best For A Visit?

YES! If you are a business owner or manager and would like us to visit your business and write a review, you can INVITE US for a visit. We accept gift certificates, complimentary entry fees, or discounts…but most of the time we just spend our own money to help promote and support local businesses.

We specialize in writing SEO-optimized “evergreen” content that will be working for you day and night to attract more customers. By inviting us for a visit, you will be helping to grow your business by allowing us to promote your business.

If you are unable to offer a gift certificate, complimentary entry fee, or discount, we will still be happy to consider you for a future review. Just let us know who you are, what you do, and how we can help you and your business and we will see if we can fit you into our schedule.

If I Invite DFW Best A Visit, Will I Get A Great Review?

Your inviting us DOES NOT guarantee a great review; a great product or service guarantees a great review!

If the service or experience your business provided was lacking during our visit, we won’t “punish” you with a negative review…we just won’t publish a review until we can visit again and see that a better experience or service has been provided.

If we have been invited for a visit, we always follow up with our sponsors to make them aware of any opportunities for improvement or ways to create better customer experiences.

How Does DFW Make Money?

DFW Best is an independent and self-supported business and we don’t accept advertising fees from businesses. No business can “buy” a great review on this website.

DFW Best is an outreach effort to connect consumers with the best businesses, restaurants, and entertainment in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. The DFW Best owners are local business owners who want to help as many people in the DFW area as possible.

Randy and Kim are owners of DFW Best and are also independent life insurance agency & brokerage owners. They are licensed in all 50 states and focus on affordable business and personal life insurance and burial and final expense life insurance.

Free life insurance quotes are available our DFW Best home and blog page. If you purchase life insurance from the DFW Best website links, you will be helping to support Randy and Kim’s business outreach efforts in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Do I Have To Buy Anything?

NO! If all you do is read or share our content and reviews, we are thrilled to have you as a visitor.

How Can I Support DFW Best?

Our goal is to help local businesses and DFW residents to find out about the best businesses, services, sights, sounds and smells in the DFW area. You can best support us by reading and sharing our content and recommending wonderful businesses or attractions for us to review.

We merely ask you keep Randy and Kim in mind when you, your family, your friends, or your business partners need a life insurance quote or burial insurance quote.